It's easy,
Enjoy an authentic camping experience close to nature in peace and tranquility.

Come to discover an unique fishing spot.

of private green ground
(11 football fields)

(3 football fields)

protected natural zone
(Inventaire National du Patrimoine Naturel)

Your Stay: a campsite of 600 sq.m
In a park of 8ha just for you.

We Offer

Campsite close to Nature
Come and live a camping experience close to nature in peace and tranquility.
In the beginning, the simple idea of ​​offering large spaces, in a preserved natural environment and without fuss can be confusing.
At Etang d'Oberwiese campsite, you will reconnect with nature.
First welcomed with all amenities / the essentials (keyless access, showers, toilets, Wi-Fi, etc.), you join thereafter your own camping site, of at least 600 m², within a site of 8ha.
You enjoy the calm, the nature, the tranquility, a sunrise ... And why not discover the surrounding nature, the Etang d’Oberwiese, the ballads in the countryside ...
Rediscover the calm, the re-connection to nature.
More information on stays at Camping de l'Etang d'Oberwiese are available in the Shop and FAQ section.

Carp Fishing
The Etang d’Oberwiese is allowed to fish, nevertheless from the beginning of its activity, in 1975, sport fishing (carp fishing) is part of the pleasures offered to the campers and of course to the fishermen of the area.
Carp fishing experts very much appreciate the lake of Oberwiese, about 2ha, for its natural and quiet, housed in the hollow of two watersheds, consisting of woods and prairie.
This situation offers a diverisity of fish (carp, roach, pike, perch, crayfish, etc. ..), and an exceptional environment for a moment of relaxation where sportsmanship remained intact.
This why we gather, as in the past, passionate people about carp fishing, a simple and cordial activity in a preserved natural setting.
The carp fishing organized in enduro fishing regulation and other information are available in the Shop and FAQ section.