Camping Etang d'Oberwiese

What are the opening dates and times?
The campsite at l'Etang d'Oberwiese is open from May 1st to 30rd September each year.

What equipment is available?
The main reception building has 3 toilets and showers for women, 2 toilets, urinals and shower for men as well as a toilet with access for people with reduced mobility. Access is secured by automatic barrier and access code which are transmitted and updated for each stay.

How to get to the campsite at l'Etang d'Oberwiese?
Access is possible by car, camping car, etc.... We are located 4km from exit 41.1 of the A4 motorway towards Strasbourg and 10km from the A4 motorway towards Paris.

Special Carp Fishing Contest
Rules of the fishing competition:

The dates are communicated by internet and announced at the beginning of the season.
3 rods per team.
Only 1 single hook per line.
Carpet of reception and bag of conservation obligatory.
Permanent markings are prohibited.
All boats and boiling guns are prohibited.
The use of detectors is mandatory for night fishing. In order to guarantee a perfect quietude, avoid making them ring abusively.
When fishing at night, only discreet lighting is allowed during the catch of the fish.
The fishing strokes are delimited by rings.
No priming is allowed before the start of the event. Only polling is permitted.
The starting and throwing of the lines must be done inside the ring.
The presence of at least one of the two participants is compulsory in the ring. Lines should be raised if they interfere with a fish's catch.
Only the fisherman will handle the caught fish. Any death of a fish due to improper handling or negligence will result in disqualification and immediate exclusion from the team.
Only the carps (mirror, commune, leather) will be counted.
During the weighing, the fisherman and the steward must validate the tare of the scale (at zero with wet weighing net in suspension). In the event of a dispute about the weight, the second commissioner will decide.
Any fish caught before the end of the race will be counted if it is put in the dry within 10 minutes which follow the signal of end of race.
No noise on the banks during the event, no traffic allowed.
The pitches will be kept clean.
All fires on the ground are prohibited. Only standing barbecues are permitted.
It is forbidden to throw away the remains of the primer at the end of the event.
The animals will be kept on a leash and their droppings collected.
Minors must provide written parental authorization at the time of registration.
The site's internal rules also apply during the event. Compulsory consideration, any breach will be sanctioned.
All teams must be in possession of these rules during the event.

In case of theft, damage or accident, the responsibility of the organization can not be held liable.


First day:
30min before sunrise: reception of participants
15 min before sunrise: drawing of lots for posts
Sunrise: beginning of the enduro

Last day:
Sunset: end of the race
30min after sunset: results, awards ceremony and friendship drink

Special provisions:

A croissant and coffee will wait for each participant every morning at the reception.

Drawing lots:

The teams will be identified by the names of the duets introduced in urn n°1.
Positions will be identified by a number in urn No. 2.
One person from the assembly will be responsible for drawing the teams and then the teams will draw their positions.
Any team absent during the draw will automatically be allocated one of the remaining positions.
All teams will remain on site until the end of the draw.


Only entries duly completed and accompanied by the rules will be taken into account.

Cases of Force Majeure:

In case of withdrawal except in cases of force majeure, no refund can be claimed by the participant. However, the latter may be replaced at no additional cost.